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Kids Running

The product tastes great because we use the best quality ingredients. The natural strawberry, cappuccino, chocolate, and vanilla flavors are blended for our customers who want a more healthy and zero dairy option. 

  • Zero Dairy: Lactose free / No milk protein or any milk ingredient. 

  • Contains no known allergens - Gluten free

  • Plant based: The best quality whole oats are the main ingredient. Whole oats have many known health benefits.

  • Soluble vegetable fiber: This is a prebiotic fiber that will feed the probiotic bacteria in the gut and helps people to feel full, contributing to weight loss programs and improves digestive health.

  • Cane sugar used. No HFCS.

  • We add sunflower oil to the mix using a trade secret process that helps distribute flavor top notes and improves flavor release.    

  • Guar gum is added which improves mouthfeel and flavor. Plus a touch of salt for flavor enhancement.

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